Programming and Media Grids

The Programming and Media Festial grids are live. Take a look.

You Did It!

[ApolloCon 2015 - 
       Art by GoH Maria William]

Thank you to all who contributed to the effort to fund a color cover for the ApolloCon 2015 Program Book. This image is called Secret Garden and is from Maria William's Web site.

The Lighthouse of Houston is the ApolloCon 2015 Charity

[ApolloCon 2015 Official Charity, The Lighthouse of Houston]Read more about The Lighthouse of Houston on the Charity Auction page.

Join the Con Committee for ApolloCon 2015

The ApolloCon committee is always looking for people to help behind the scenes. Our next meeting is Sunday, May 31 at 1:00 PM in the community room at Central Market. E-mail us with any questions. Whatever level of commitment you are interested in making, there is some way you can help.

Remember "Frankenstein's Monster"?

Remember the steampunk adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic that was screened at ApolloCon 2013 and ApolloCon 2014? It's available on Amazon Streaming and on DVD. See it again (or for the first time).

Hotel Rooms Are Available

ApolloCon 2015 Super Hotel Liaison Did you forget to get your room before the deadline? Never fear, the Hotel Liaison is here! Using powers beyond human ken, this mysterious person can get you the ApolloCon rate of $99/night—but only if you ask.

You will need to reserve at the regular rate and then e-mail your name and confirmation number to the Hotel Liaison. To reserve a room, go to the Westin Houston Memorial City Web site.

Even more guests...

In addition to our Guest of Honor, Jim C. Hines, our Artist Guest of Honor, Maria William, our Music Guest of Honor, Tim Griffin, and our Fan Guest of Honor Randy Shepherd, we have even more guests! See our Guests page for the growing list of ApolloCon 2015 guests.

Art Show is Filling Up

Check out who will be in the ApolloCon 2015 Art Show on the Art Show page.

Reserve Your Place at ApolloCon 2015

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Register for your 2015 membership. Rates will never be lower and the money saved will be your own.


ApolloCon is always looking for a few good fen. Come, be a part of ApolloCon by becoming a volunteer. Set your own hours. Earn prizes. And, if you work eight or more hours of documented volunteer time, you can earn a FREE membership to ApolloCon 2016.

Our Hotel is the Westin Houston Memorial City

Our hotel is located near the intersection of Beltway 8 and I-10 West, across from Memorial City Mall (connected by an air-conditioned skyway). Room rates start at $99/night for up to four people. Wheelchair accessible rooms are availabe. Check our Hotel page for more information.

Should We Have Airship Races?

At ehe feedback panel at ApolloCon 2014, a suggestion was made to hold radio-controlled airship races. Please fill out our survey and let us know what you think.