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Come help test play Crossjacks! The cutthroat betting game played by the miners and guardsmen of the planet Colonium. Invented by the author of the Colonium novels, Crossjacks is a new way to play poker and gin rummy. With the roll of the dice and 8 jacks wild, your best laid strategies may lead to bankruptcy when your opponents crossjack you. So draw a jack and hold it or play it, and let the shouting begin!

Video of the game being played at ApolloCon may be used to advertise Crossjacks during its kickstarter campaign this fall. Winners of each game will receive a signed copy of the novel Singer of Norgondy and be entered to win a signed and numbered Crossjacks card game featuring original artwork by fantasy artist Ariel Rohan Newsom. All players will be credited as among the first players of the game in the official Crossjacks rulebook.

Magic: The Gathering Constructed Tournament

ApolloCon 2015 will feature a Magic: The Gathering Constructed Tournament. (Decks are made beforehand) We will use the rules posted on the Wizards of The Coast website. A copy of the rules will also be posted in the gaming room. The number of rounds will depend on the number of signups. A prize will be awarded to the winner.


Due to the low number of GM sign-ups for ApolloCon 2015, there will be no grid posted to the Web site. However if you show up at the door, a schedule is available for you to add your game.

Questions about gaming at ApolloCon 2015 may be addressed to our Gaming Coordinator. Please include ApolloCon Gaming in the subject line of your e-mail.