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Terms — What do all these words mean?


A membership to ApolloCon comes with a badge with your chosen name on it and a bag containing a Program Book, a Pocket Program, and other goodies. Membership entitles you access to all the rooms and events of the Con, through your badge, which should be displayed at all times.


Where you get your membership. Prices vary so check out the Registration page for more info. Sometimes, you can purchase memberships at ApolloCon tables and/or room parties at other cons.

Program Book

A souvenier guide to guests and programming descriptions. Cover art is usually done by the Artist Guest of Honor. It comes in the goodie bag. To buy an ad in the Program Book, go here.

Pocket Program

This is the schedule of when what is happening where. It contains a map of the program areas, a schedule listing day, time, and room on a grid, as well as a list of panelists or presenters. There is a guide and schedule for the Media Festival, hours for the Art Show and Dealer Room, and listings for other ApolloCon functions that don’t quite fit the name “programming”.

Media Festival

They show various kinds of multimedia. Fan videos, trailers for movies, actual movies, and other stuff.

Art Show

The art show presents, for viewing and sale, art from a number of artists in a variety of media and price range. For more information on the Art Show, check out the Art Show web page


These are special people invited to ApolloCon so you can meet and interact with them. They include Guests of Honor who are people you are unlikely to see at a conference or convention in the area except at ApolloCon

Dealers’ Room

This is where gifties and goodies can be had for the right price. The mix of dealers varies from year to year, but generally there are t-shirt vendors, jewelers, costume accessorizers and sometimes costumers, purveyors of collectables and many other things.

Consuite (or Con Suite)

The hospitality suite. A place to hang out and just talk to people with snacks and beverages available. The Consuite is not open to the public; you must have a badge to enter.

Charity Auction

Every year, ApolloCon tries to give back to the community by raising money through a combined silent/live auction. See the Charity Auction page to find out more.

LARP (Live Action Role Playing)

LARP is role-playing jumped off the table and into room spaces. If you are interested, check out the LARP page to find out more.


This could be you. Volunteers are needed to do various kinds of jobs. Some are lift/tote type things, others are fetch/carry type things and some are just keep-an-eye-on things. Volunteers have the opportuntiy to earn their ApolloCon 2016 membership. See the Volunteers page if you are interested.

The Process


Preregister online—it’s cheaper. Or preregister someplace where there is an ApolloCon representative or register at-the-door.

Get a hotel room

Even if you live in the area, you may wish to spend one or more nights at the ApolloCon hotel. This is because there are activities that continue until late-night and/or till the wee hours. More information about the hotel is on the Hotel page.

Actually Get Your Badge

If you have preregistered, your badge will be waiting for you. Get in the pre-reg line and tell them who you are. You will be asked to sign a book acknowledging that you received your badge.

If you are registering at-the-door, a badge will need to be printed for you and you will need to fill out a registration form and pay money.

Have Fun!